Ode to Joven Capel

By O’star EZE

Oh Joven Capel, 

whether you come as white

Or as Ruby Rose

You satisfy class thirsty souls
Holding onto your exceptionally elegant

Bottle, and listening to your pop as I uncork

Your top and lower it to a glass cup

I feel so in control

You are the Wine to my Bobi

With you in my blood stream

I have the fire to conquer

Little wonder!

Yoruba people say you give blood.

Igbo people say you make them more viral

Ijaw people say you are sweeter than Sapele water

What a wonder you are, Joven Capel

Has there ever been a better refined wine?The standard you’ve set, 

All other wines are still striving to get 

To and the secret of your immaculate taste,

No other vinos comes close
Joven Capel,

I’m so sure

 It was your effect

our ancestors sought

When they found raffia wine and palm wine

Today that original raffia and palm wine are so hard to get,

you are our only assurance

That we are consuming totally healthy enjoyment

Of course, I have never felt more refreshed after a good long bath

Than when I added a few sips of you

Nor has a meal tasted any greater

Than when you are there to wash it down

My best date with my lover

Was when you were there in between us

Like a chaperone, only

You were the liquid seal to our

Romantic Tete-a-tete

Joven Capel, my beautiful Spanish wine

You are a total package

All your t’s were crossed

And all your i’s dotted

 From the day you were made

You took the world like a storm

And have remained on top

Even with the surge of other wannabes in the market

Oh Joven Capel, I can’t thank him enough

Who found you and brought you to us

High Chief Charles Odunukwe of Oraukwu;
MD/CEO Chardon Industries Limited

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