Nigeria a terrible country?

I will start this write up by stating that i am a Nigerian and have lived in Nigeria for more than 30 year of my life so to a very large extend understand the happenings in Nigeria.

I won’t bore you with the facts that Nigeria is blessed tremendously with natural resources and one that top the list being crude oil, which to other oil producing countries is a blessing but the ultimate undoing of Nigeria. Going by the history books, Nigeria was better in all ramification and at some point, competed with America economically until crude oil was discovered and everything thing went berserk.

As negative as the question may sound, i honestly think using terribly to describe the state at which Nigeria is at is just being unnecessary fair to the country, because the state at which Nigeria is at now is beyond terrible.

And nothing will change about Nigeria in the nearest future, because the cankerworm has eaten deep into the bone marrow of Nigerians, to the extent that an average Nigerian believe that living in poverty is a fundamental right. Now don’t misunderstand being broke and living in poverty. these two are very different. i will try my best to expatiate on what i mean about Nigerians believing that poverty is a fundamental right.

Simply put, you have to be rich to be able to afford some basic common amenities like water, power, good road, good education, good housing, etc. in Nigeria. it is so bad that a state could go for a whole year without an hour of power supply. what is more terrible?? What justifies the fact that a country like Nigeria with all its natural resources can not afford to provide her citizens with common basic amenities to help with their daily living?

Nigeria is so terribly that if countries in Europe or America open their borders for on 24 hours more than 95% of her citizens will escape to those countries. it is that bad and worst is that there is no hope. The leaders are bent on making the masses poorer so they can continue oppressing and degrading them.

Nigeria is a terrible country and it is very sad….

To be continued….

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