Former pro-Buhari advocate flee over #ENDSARS sponsorship

Former leader of Buhari Youth Organisation, BYO, Beijing Chapter Onyekwulunne Malvinho Chuka , is presently on the run. He was declared wanted by Department of State Security, DSS, for complicity in #ENDSARS protest. According to reliable source, Mr Onyekwulunne was accused of being one of the sponsors of the first wave as well as the second wave of the protest which Nigerian security agencies are making efforts to nail him down.

A DSS official who spoke to the reporters on the basis of anonymity that Mr Onyekwulunne was declared wanted as his name kept popping up during the interrogation of some arrested protesters as one of those providing funding through crypto currency for protesters’ refreshments and other logistics.

“We have had this name, Onyekwulunne Malvinho Chuka on our radar after tracing several inflammatory statements attributed to him against the Buhari administration for some time now. So, we took it serious when his name kept popping up as one of the major financial sponsors of the proscribed #ENDSARS protests.

“We also suspect he has been sending these financial aide via crypto currency to cover his tracks. He is on our wanted list now to come and answer to the authorities if, how and why he is sponsoring an activity that has cost the Nigerian people and security a huge loss in lives and properties,” the source disclosed.

Independent investigations by the reporter revealed that Mr Onyekwulunne used to support the Buhari administration and had been one of the leader of a Beijing, China based pro-Buhari movement, Buhari Youth Movement.

His convictions then can be found in published report dated September, 2018 where he said, among other things, that Buhari was a well trained and disciplined man with focus. “Our dear president, Mohammed Buhari has continued to take life easy to deliver on his promises slow and steady “

It was gathered that given Onyekwulunne Chuka being of Igbo tribe, this position of his made him an outcast among his kinsmen who saw him as a sell-out to a government that allegedly marginalised the Southeastern Nigerians who are predominantly Igbo.

In a report Mr Onyekwulune has claimed that since he became an openly pro-Buharist, he had been receiving death threats from his tribesmen and this made him go underground for fear of his life.

However, Chuka, after leading the BYO group for about two years made a quick U-turn in his convictions and became anti-Buhari and pro-Indigenuous People of Biafra, IPOB.

He, in an interview he granted Igbere TV early 2020, affirmed that IPOB was the only solution to Nigeria. He also stated that the reason behind his loss of devotion for the All Progressives Congress, Buhari and his administration was his disappointment with “the latest developments in this administration.”

He said, “I have suddenly realised, after playing the ostrich for so long and inducing millions of young minds to do the same, that I had been deluded about President Buhari and the APC and that their agenda is more clannish than patriotic.”

Mr Onyekwulunne has also expressed his disatisfaction with the way the presidency was handling the increasing insecurity in the country, especially the Boko Harams and the Fulani Herdsmen.

Efforts by this reporter to reach the wanted man proved abortive as Mr Onyekwulune seems to have shut himself away from public reach.

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