Anambra 2021 Guber election; the theatrics at play

Anambra 2021 Guber election; the theatrics at play
By O’star Eze
Anambra State is the light of the nation. We have continued to set the pace as individuals and as a state in every facet of life. Our political sphere is not an exemption as we have continued to make history in progressive politics. 
Think about the first female governor in Nigeria, you think Anambra. Think about the first time a homegrown political party wins election with a complete neophyte in the political scene namely All Progressives Grand Alliance and Peter Obi, you think Anambra. 
The fact is that Anambra State has continued to make progressive advancement in its electoral process, breaking jinxes and reinventing the wheel. Little wonder our Gubernatorial elections calendar has chosen to differ from that of other states of the federation. Little wonder the National Electoral Regulatory Commission is considering using Anambra State as the first place to implement a more electronic voting system which would ensure free and fair election come 2021. 
The electorate are not left behind as the mass of us make up the most enlightened and most politically active there is in the nation. What, with the mammoth level of criticism elected officers receive; constructive and destructive alike. They sit up and stand on their toes both at the federal and state level.
It is because of this unpredictable nature the Anambra Gubernatorial election has adopted that all Tom, Dick and Harry have gained an unusual belief that they all have equal chance at winning the  forthcoming governorship election. This explains the rowdy theatrics at play in the Anambra space as the election year draws near.
But, the fact remains that Anambra people cannot be deceived with theatrics. A lot of lawmakers, whose work is primarily to legislate policies at the national level as it affects their constituents and to serve as a check to the excesses of other arms of government are seen derailing from their duties because of their inordinate greed for position and power. 
If it was not for the rickety state of our constitution which gives room for such anomalies, one would not expect any sane person serving as a legislator to be found anywhere near the arena of Gubernatorial contest unless he or she resigns. You cannot eat your cake and have it, friends.
If the ‘honourable’ attached to these folks names means anything, it would have deterred them from showing off their ungodly greed for power to the glare of the obviously amused Anambra people. Their show of piety nothwithstanding.
We all know that those cheering these  power glutton on are only survivalists who are hoping to get their share of their monies which they are expected to doll out richly before the enlightened Anambra electorate tear them to shreds at the polls. Nobody is a fool. 
We know if they have our interest at heart, they would do all in their powers to make the most of the mandate they already hold and wait for their turn. Barack Obama did so, so did the present president elect, Joe Biden and his vice, Megan. 
But impatience and greed has a way of blinding these nitwits into foolery. Time will tell, though. 
Moving forward, we have also seen how persons who the gods have cracked their kernels have been going about in their ostrich strides making a jackass of themselves with their ‘i will water the whole state and fire the whole streets, if elected’ narratives. 
Even persons with average intelligent quotients have been able to laughably see through these ‘natad’ money mongers promises for the ‘nkwa ekwere nwanyi n’enu bed’ elephant promises that they are. 
Their name sakes have refused to see beyond their noses and focus on retracting their steps and redeeming the little remaining dignity left in their names by leaving politics to face their broken homes and human resource development cum philanthropy they were called to. They are cheered on by those who do not have their best interests at heart like wild fire does the moth. 
Let us not talk about the brutes in evangelists cloaks who God has continued to nudge away from politics with different signs yet they trodge on blindly. How the thought of power intoxicates them even when they have little or no knowledge of what to do with it. 
We are left with the quiet one whose antecedents speak for. Who has continued to show that he is the economic genuis he is called both at the national level and across the globe. Every position he has ever held, he has make historic marks setting international standards. 
The creme-de-la-creme of the Anambra society who has refused to join the desperate mediocre in their wild scramble for power even as the elites of the Anambra Society continue to root for him knowing that he alone has what it takes to push Anambra State further to its El Dorado. 
Detractors call him the Dubai Taiwan optimist. They accuse him of supporting the re-election of an astute auditor who has put Anambra State capital on the map and kept Anambra State  youths, education, agriculture, security and public service on the map. They wonder why he has not joined them in the dusts of name calling. 
But this economic giant knows better. He understands that we are all Ndi Anambra, regardless of our differences. He understands that Anambra State has come of age and is no longer meant to be controlled by her touts. 
This is the era of the elites. The era of the educated. The era of the best running our affairs as Anambra people.
 That is the only way we can maintain our position as the light of the nation and stay afloat amidst the threatening economic recession we have fallen into as a nation. 

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